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Public Outreach and Education

The NSS Seattle Chapter participates in public outreach opportunities at local venues including the Museum of Flight, the Pacific Science Center, school fairs, Norwescon, and other events. Members staff one or two tables of displays and walk visitors through the interactive displays and encourage discussion of visitor's interests in space exploration. The only qualification to volunteer is enthusiasm for space exploration.

Upcoming Events

More events are planned for 2013. Visit this site frequently to get updated information.

Yuri's Night, April 12, Museum of Flight

Norwescon 36, March 28-31, 2013 - NSS Display table (staffed)

Totem Middlw School, April 25, 2013  STEM night - our Space display

Past Outreach Events

NSS Seattle participated with a display at these past events:

Yuri's Night, April 12, Museum of Flight


NSS Seattle will be present at the Museum of Flight's 2008 Yuri’s Night, an international celebration held every year on April 12 to commemorate the flight of Yuri Gargarin, who orbited Earth as the first man in space on April 12, 1961. The first Space Shuttle launch was exactly twenty years later - on April 12 1981.

Norwescon 31, March 20 - 23, Doubletree Hotel SeaTac
Join NSS Seattle at our lobby table at Norwescon 31 at the SeaTac Doubletree Hotel. Norwescon will take place over the Easter weekend March 20 - 23.

Fifty Years of the American Space Age, January 26, 2008
This Seattle Museum of Flight event honored the 50th anniversary of the launch of America's Explorer 1 on January 31, 1958. With this launch, the United States entered the Space Age. NSS Seattle and the Mars Society were present at the event, with interactive displays.

Astronomy Day, Seattle Museum of Flight, October 4, 2007
The Space Age Turns 50! NSS Seattle, along with local astronomy groups and museum educators, introduced the public to the stars, the planets, and space exploration. Also, Dr. Roger Wolthius gave a talk on human adaptation to spaceflight, including his experiences with physiologic changes that occurred during spaceflight, and re-adaptation when returning to Earth. Dr. Wolthius worked with the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo astronauts.

Space Day 2007, May 3, 2007
The Museum of Flight held their 10th annual Space Day. Space Day is an educational initiative started in 1997 that has evolved into an international grassroots effort dedicated to recognizing the past and exploring the future of space exploration. NSS Seattle set up and staffed our display for this public event.

Seattle Museum of Flight, April 28, 2007
At this event, three of America's original astronauts - Scott Carpenter, Gene Cernan and Tom Stafford - discussed America's space program in its early decades. The panel was moderated by Ed Buckbee, U.S. Space Camp founder. NSS Seattle set up a display at the Museum of Flight in conjunction with this event.

Yuri's Night, April 12, 2007
NSS Seattle joined the Seattle Museum of Flight on April 14th in celebrating Yuri's Night. (April 12 is the anniversaries for both the first human in space [Yuri Gagarin] and the first NASA Space Shuttle launch.) The 2007 Yuri's Night featured keynote speaker Capt. Wendy Lawrence, retired NASA Astronaut and Navy Captain. Yuri's night had a focus on educational outreach, especially to future generations of space explorers.  NSS Seattle participated in Yuri's night by staffing our displays.

Norwescon 30, April 6-8, 2007
NSS Seattle officers Chris Vancil, David Stuart, and Randy Rumley were contributors to several science panels at the 2007 Norwescon 30 event. NSS Seattle and the Puget Sound chapter of the Mars Society had a display table in the lobby for this three-day event.

Winter Educators Day, February 3, 2007
For this event, held at the Museum of Flight, we had staffed outreach tables and displays. A number of contacts with teachers and home schoolers were made.

Display Modules

We have both general and topic-specific display modules. Several of the modules have accompanying handouts. Some of the display modules include:

  • Gravity Bricks and Bags – to feel what it would be like to be on Mars and the Moon.
  • Space Gloves – to understand the challenges of working in space
  • Mars in 3-D: Silly or Serious – 3-D images and glasses to enjoy these images and information and discussion about how 3-D works and why it is serious business on Mars.
  • Science Fiction or Fact (and the Martian Bunny): Developed for Norwescon (science fiction and fantasy conference), but also used at science fairs.
  • Titan's Rock: Illustrates what it would be like to be standing where the Huygens camera was on Titan.




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