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NSS Seattle Special Projects

NSS Seattle Chapter projects are driven by both response to outreach efforts and membership interests. Currently, we have three main project areas: design and construction of an analog space suit; development of space-related information for use by home school and classroom educators; and development of displays and other outreach content particularly in response to specific space-related events and to compliment outreach efforts of the organizations we partner with.

Analog Space Suit

Several members have a particular interest in designing and constructing an analog space suit. In addition to being an outlet for these members' interests, the space suit provides a focal point for the topic of living and working in space and attracts a lot of attention at outreach events. Our spacesuit has been featured on many news items.

Space in the Classroom

The NSS Chapter regularly participates in educators events at local museums. Teachers, and particularly who are home school teachers, are always looking for material for the classroom. This is a new project to develop material to respond to this interest focusing on Washington State's WSAL requirements for high school graduation.

Display Development

This is an ongoing project to maintain and improve existing displays and develop new ones to respond to current events and interests. Most of the displays are the result of group efforts, but many displays are the result of the interest, skills and resources of individual members.



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